Saturday, October 02, 2010

Splash Page Podcast Episode 33

In this week's episode, Tim and I don't really have any set topics, because of Tim not getting new comics for reasons we get into briefly, so we asked for topics/questions on Twitter and, after some kicking things off talk, we answer the following questions/discuss the following topics from YOU the listeners: Bendis journalism follow-up, backgammon, Vertigo, Bob Harras, NYCC, most personally significant comic, the most recent book to knock our socks off, last alt comic we've read, how delays effect our enjoyment, Wonder Woman TV show, spread out nature of the Morrison Bat epic, Morrison's post-Batman book, DC's Earth One books, favourite non-Morrison/Johns DC writer, top three artists, favourite current ongoing, favourite graphic novel/trade so far this year, first comic we remember reading, favourite webcomic, how can superhero comics can get out of their current doldrums, the next generation of comics readers, original art we own, upcoming Todd McFarlane art book, art books we would like to see, and eBay buying and selling. And, it all kicks off with "We're Hardcore" by Gord Downie.

You can download and listen to the Splash Page Podcast episode 33 HERE!