Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sketch Reviews (October 27 2010)

Man, working 9-5 is tiring me out... thankfully, it's just until the end of this week plus two days next week and, then, I'm on my regular Sat/Sun shift. I miss my weekdays. Then again, having to go away this past weekend for my sister's wedding didn't really give me a chance to stop and rest much. Ah well. I got comics after work and I'll discuss them briefly per usual.

Batman and Robin #15: A week late for me, but well worth the wait. Not much to say beyond 'I liked this a lot.' [****1/2]

Scalped #42: Wow, some big surprises... and, yet, this issue felt quieter, more contemplative. Aaron and Guera work their asses off and it pays off. Great issue. [****1/4]

Secret Avengers #6: A perfectly fine superhero comic. [***1/4]

Secret Warriors #21: Wow, the art in the first half of the issue just turned me off entirely. Vitti returns with Imaginary Friends Studio for the second half, but the momentum was dead by then. Colak's art wouldn't have looked quite so off if it weren't for the colouring. A disappointing issue. [***]

Ultimate Avengers 3 #3: More of the same. The art is rushed/unfinished, while the story continues at a snail's pace. But, the end of the issue is pretty good. As is the Nick Fury stuff as he continues his powerplay to take over SHIELD. Curious to see how this arc plays out. [**3/4]

I also got CLiNT #2 in the mail from Titan. Read some of it. Looks about the same as the first issue, but with American Jesus thrown in. Maybe Tim and I will discuss it on the podcast. Maybe not. Maybe I'll just yawn a lot, be cranky, and fall asleep mid-sentence. That would be fun.