Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sketch Reviews (October 13 2010)

Weird week. Still catching up from the, basically, four-day weekend I had because of Thanksgiving. Good weekend, but that also meant Zero Work during those four days aside from a couple of things for 411mania that needed to get done. Bigger week than usual for me with ten books -- evenly divided into five CBR review books and five just for me books. Granted, the five CBR review books are also ones I'd be getting anyway... So, there's the comic reviews to write plus a few other things including the stack of Dreadstar comics I borrowed from my dad that need reading. Yesterday, I read "The Metamorphosis Odyssey," which was serialised in the first nine issues of Epic Illustrated in 1980-81... Jim Starlin cutting loose with some painted art and destroying the village to save it. Fun stuff. Plus, that also means everything else in those issues of Epic Illustrated... I sense a series of posts in the future... Shit. Enough about that. Sketch Reviews!

Casanova #4: "Luxuria" concludes with issues six and seven of the original run... crazy-ass comics. There's so much going on that I still need to take it slow to really get it all -- and I've read this shit a lot. Haven't read the backmatter stuff with Chaykin yet, because this was the final comic of ten and... I wasn't in the mood. I'll read it when I read the original backmatter material. I don't know what to say about this comic right now. [*****]

Knight and Squire #1: I get the joke of Broxton sticking his name and the page number on pretty much every page (a few don't seem to bear the mark, but they could be covered with word balloons), but it's just tedious. That's kind of how I feel about this first issue completely. There are some nice moments, but it's so focused on establishing this large tradition of British heroes and villains that there isn't much else here. It's too focused on shouting "HEY! LOOK! BRITISH SUPERHERO COMIC!" The Knight and Squire also don't offer the same personality that Morrison gives them. The Knight especially seems... different. Broxton's art is fine, but very hit or miss. [**3/4]

New Avengers #5: Hey, how about that cover showing us the final page, basically? Nice job there, Marvel. I like how Bendis teased a retcon involving the Ancient One, playing off his reputation for retconning history (whether that was knowing or not is up for debate) and offering a bit of a surprise. But, a few questions concerning the art: 1. How did Hawkeye lift that taxi off of himself? 2. His cheek doesn't look puffy at all -- why not? 3. Shouldn't Dr. Strange have some mark on his face after being punched by Iron Fist? I'm a nitpicky motherfucker. Otherwise, another strong issue. [***3/4]

Thor #616: Um... after last issue's strong start, this issue spends 22 pages treading water for the most part. The scientist is dismissed by Thor, the World Eaters leave their ship/home/prison, and Kelda is sad. Really disappointing how little happens or couldn't have simply been pushed into last issue. Pasqual Ferry's art doesn't wow me despite me appreciating it at times. His Thor looked better here than last issue. He handles the Asgardians and World Eaters well -- his regular people are so cartoony that they don't look like they belong at all. The World Eaters sequence actually looked fantastic... The ending was a little screwy. It sounds interesting, but what logic drives Thor? Ultimately, a thoroughly disappointing comic. [**]

The Unwritten #18: The first page is great. The little window into the evil organisation Taylor is fighting against is just what I wanted. I want more still! All in all, a pretty solid breather issue with both sides dealing with some business to gear up for the next stage. The 14th Tommy Taylor book sounds godawful with its over-the-top Christ analogue. Harry Potter as Jesus... fuck me... Mike Carey is a bastard. [***3/4]