Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sketch Reviews (October 20 2010)

So, I started a new job today and that meant not reading comics until, like, five! FIVE! My girlfriend was fantastic and went and picked them up for me. She even surprised me with a copy of Vertigo Resurrected #1 as a "Congrants on the new job!" present. At the same time, she didn't get Batman and Robin #15, so it's kind of a wash. (Kidding! Not a big deal at all, obviously. It's not too hard to just pick that up next week and her present was incredibly kind and thoughtful.) Quick sketchy thoughts on the non-review books of the week, which is lacking a certain caped crusader...

The Boys: Highland Laddie #3: Hey, you know why I hate John McCrea this issue? I got who was on the final page, but only because of context, not because of the art. Fuck that shit. Otherwise, a decent issue. [**3/4]

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #4: Brubaker is creating a nice tapestry between his various superhero books and I dig it. A solid, superhero book where Steve Rogers has no problem killing someone. That's right: KILLED THAT MOTHERFUCKER DEAD. [***1/2]

Also, apparently, copies of Casanova #4 from last week were damaged somehow, so I got a free replacement... I haven't compared the two, but I didn't notice anything. I will report my findings when I can be bothered to give a fuck.