Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Bought Comics: October 7, 2009

[Not reviews, just whatever I feel like saying about this week's batch of books that I didn't review for CBR.]

Absolution #2: This series isn't as engaging as I hoped it would be. Not as far out there or pushing things as I figured it would either. Two-and-a-half issues into the story and it hasn't really progressed beyond the one idea. Because I trust Avatar, I'll stick with this, but this was a weak issue.

Batman and Robin #5: Man, Grant Morrison cannot get over Alan Moore being... around? I don't know what the deal there is, but it seems unnecessary. Thankfully, it also doesn't really impact the story. Oddly, the reveal of Jason as Kovacs is the only panel in the issue that I actually like. One panel out of 95 or so. The writing is good, better than last issue, but the art continues to kill kill kill this book.

The Boys #35: It's good to have Darick Robertson back as we get the first half of a two-part story detailing Mother's Milk's origin. An odd story that's actually rather touching in that way Garth Ennis-penned origin stories usually are. He can take any stupid/absurd concept and make it work it seems. I love the last page where Hughie asks that question we all had on our minds.

Criminal: The Sinners #1: A good issue, but not great. It's a lot of status quo setting bits that will become more important later in the story. Probably one of the weaker issues of Criminal yet, but it's still better than 95% of everything else (maybe not this week, which was big -- for me). Just a little disappointing after such a long wait for more Criminal.

Dark Reign: The List -- Secret Warriors #1: As much as I like Ed McGuinness, I'm not sure he was the right artist for this issue. He doesn't do dark shadows nearly as well as he does bright kicksplode, and this is an espionage story. An artist more suited to that sort of material may have been more in line. Not that he doesn't do a good job, I just wonder if this issue would have been better with a different artist. That this issue takes place after the next issue of Secret Warriors is a little annoying (then again, the Avengers List issue took place after the current story...), but not a big problem. I love the bit with Nick Fury's list and the information at the end is another possibly huge revelation.

Greek Street #4: Still not sure about this title. It seems too busy and full of material for us to get a handle on any of the plots or characters. However, it does read a little better with each issue. My problem (and it's not a big problem): there really isn't any character to latch onto. Eddie is supposed to be that character, but he just doesn't do it for me. He's not so much "loveable loser" as he's just a fucking loser. I don't feel like rooting for him, honestly. But, I do trust Milligan and plan to stick with this for now.

That's that.