Friday, October 02, 2009

I Bought Comics: Final Two Weeks of September 2009

[Not reviews proper, just whatever thoughts I have when I'm writing these.]

Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #5: The progression of the Super Young Team has been somewhat expected and unexpected. Casey continues the concept of young versus old that Morrison infused the team to begin with (itself a progression of his New X-Men run)... the confrontation between the three SYT members and Big Science Action is a great scene, especially when you notice which group had the hotheaded assholes really to throw down... not the obvious choice. Still not loving the larger plot, honestly. It's weaker... necessary, but weaker than Casey's exploration of a young superhero team in the 21st century.

New Avengers #57: This issue didn't leave much of an impression on me, honestly. Luke Cage is dying... Osborn has made a deal with the villains... the Hood has powers again... it's all very nice and good... Stuart Immonen's art is fantastic as always. In a few years where enough issue have been built up, I'll discuss this story as part of a blogathon most likely...

The Boys: Herogasm #5: After last issue, this one feels like a midway point between two important events/revelations. Some interesting scenes and the Homelander's speech was heading in an intriguing direction, but not a lot going on here. The Homelander's speech has me interested because of the ramifications it would have on this world. It also raises the idea of superpowers taken to their natural end point (or superheroes taken to their natural end point) and how that's in conflict with corporate concerns. Not a new idea, but one that's worth exploring. I did like Ennis's self-mockery in the 'picking on comic books is a cheap laugh' bit.

glamourpuss #9: Man, this issue made me laugh. Part of me always worries about laughing at Sim's women's magazine parody stuff, but... sometimes, it's pretty damn funny. Also, the multiple universes glamourpusses, including one that's a building is great. Add to that, more fantastic art discussion and this is definitely one of my favourite books. It doesn't always click, but this issue does.