Monday, October 19, 2009

The Best of 2008 Top 100 Meta-List Finally Arrives

With Dick Hyacinth not online for over six months, Sandy over at I Love Rob Liefeld has used Dick's posts on the subject to create the best of 2008 top 100 meta-list (like last year, using a formula I created when Dick asked for someone to do so). So, go check it out. A few things of note:

* Seven of my top ten make the top 100. The only three to not make the list: Batman, Aetheric Mechanics, and Young Liars. The only one I'm surprised about not making the list is Young Liars. I'm somewhat surprised that glamourpuss did make the list, though. I would have assumed it would be the other way around.

* Despite my snubbing it and not liking it a whole lot, All-Star Superman placed third on the meta-list.

* I've only read two things from the top ten, five from the top 25, seven from the top 50, and 12 from the top 100.

* And, soon, it will be best of 2009 time.

Again, the list can be found here.