Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Bought Comics: Ed Brubaker Edition

[Yeah, yeah, yeah, not reviews, just whatever pops into my head... probably not entertaining or informative in any way, but, well, fuck you, this is my blog and you don't have to read it. Not the best way to encourage readership, but what the hell? I do this to entertain myself, the rest of you being a secondary concern. I don't know you people, so how would I target anything at you? It would be pointless and I just don't care. I'm kind of sleepy, hungry, feel a bit off, and am listening to the Beatles. That last bit is a good thing. I love the Beatles as everyone should. Anyone who says they don't love the Beatles is evil and should be shot. It's one of those cases where everyone is right, they are fucking amazing, accept it. Except for "Yellow Submarine." That song is a piece of shit.]

Captain America #49

A fairly average comic book periodical. Meant to be a character piece, but it doesn't really do much. Luke Ross's art really doesn't measure up to any of the other artists on this title. This issue would not have received four stars had I reviewed it for CBR. To be fair, I'm probably being hard on it only because I expect better from this series.

Incognito #3

We encounter another All-Star Superman situation: a book that I should love and everyone else seems to love, but I find just okay, nothing special, what else is in this week's pile? It has all of the right elements with Brubaker, Phillips, black comedy, a bit of noir... but, yeah, it's not doing it for me. I didn't find the black comedy all that funny. There's something really... I don't know, lowbrow about the book in every negative sense of that word. It's not as smart as the other stuff that Brubaker writes. It features similar characters doing similar things, but just seems like a dumbed down, more juvenile version of those other books despite having no obvious signs pointing in that direction. I can't explain it really. Sorry.