Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Comic Book Day 2009

Because my wife works on Saturday, I am doing up this year's Free Comic Book Day big time. I'm going to no less than TEN shops that day all across the St. Louis area, taking photos of their shops and activities along the way. And while I will be getting a few free comics, I also fully intend to give money to each of those shops too. It's a day for celebrating comics, and that's what I plan to do!

My intended itinerary is:

Heroic Adventures in Edwardsville, IL at 9 am
Hometown Comics in Edwardsville, IL at 10 am
The Fantasy Shop in Fairview Heights, IL at 11 am
Twilight Comics in Shiloh, IL at 11:30
Fantasy Books in Belleville, IL at 12:30
Mo's Comics in St. Louis, MO at 1:30 pm
Star Clipper in University City, MO at 2:30 pm
The Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO at 3:30 pm
Comic Relief in St. Charles, MO at 4:30pm
and maybe The Fantasy Shop in Florissant, MO if I have the time before Sarah gets home from work at 5:30 pm

So watch this space on Sunday or Monday for photos and a blog about my FCBD 2009 experiences!