Friday, April 24, 2009

I Bought Comics: April 22, 2009

[Christ, it seems all I do these days is write and think about comics. But that's not true! I also watch wrestling and Blue Jays games! I also hang out with my girlfriend! I also read books! I also talk to the police about this odd fraud scheme that some people tried to involve me in! See? Lots of stuff besides comics! Which is why I feel okay writing some more about comics here. As always, these aren't reviews, because I get paid for reviews and you bastards ain't paying shit. So this is what you get for free. Because I love you.]

Detective Comics #853

I did enjoy this comic despite it's hokey-as-fuck ending that really frustrates me. Partly because it's hokey-as-fuck and partly because it has Batman giving up. FUCK THAT SHIT. The Batman doesn't give up. I don't care if he realises he's dying and his mommy says it's time to go, the Batman says, "Sorry, mom, my city needs me" and he keeps on fighting. None of this "Goodbye, [*insert element of Batman's life*]" shit! Superman would do that, but Batman? No chance.

The other thing that bothers me is that I realised that SOMEONE should have insisted and fought for JH Williams III to draw this story. And I'm not saying that just because I love Williams's art and wish he drew every comic I read, but because he's an artist who shows a unique talent to draw in different styles on a character-by-character basis -- and that's what this story needed. Kubert does an okay job, but Williams would have made it obvious that these were characters from different eras coexisting.

Also, how cool is that Joker sketch by Kubert in the back of the issue? And why does the Joker he actually draws here (and in Batman #686) not look nearly as awesome?

New Avengers #52

Chris Bachalo continues to make Billy Tan look like a fucking hack. I can't seem to drop this book. I really like Bendis's Avengers stuff. I do.

No Hero #5

A lot of nice moments here, but Josh getting to be a hero was nice -- although is was obvious what had happened before the reveal. Not quite sure where this series is going or how it will end. It seems very relaxed and meandering. Really enjoying it. Edit: And I just noticed that the cover colour schemes match the colours of the rainbow/light spectrum. So far: red, orange, yellow, green, blue... with the zero issue being black. I rather like that touch.

That's what you get for free on a Friday morning.