Monday, April 06, 2009

The Art of Timing

Back in February, I began writing a long post on The Incal, both Avant L'Incal and The Incal, which I had reread then. I got sidetracked with other stuff and always meant to get back to it, but never have. Early last week, I realised that I had "missed my chance" as it were with Jog and Tucker Stone doing a series of posts examining all of the material published by DC/Humanoids, which would include The Incal. Yesterday, Jog began writing on The Incal and if there's one thing I know about comic blogging, it's that you don't follow Jog. Interesting how things like this always seem to happen: people wanting to examine similar ideas/material totally independent of one another.

I'll probably just stick my post on the backburner (or work at it slowly) for the next while. Figured I'd mention it as a curiosity.