Friday, January 02, 2009

Playback STL 10 best GNs and comics

This is not Chad. It's the other guy who occasionally posts here, mostly just to link to his other reviews elsewhere, Steve.

I write comic reviews for Playback St. Louis, and they just recently published my ten best list of both comics and graphic novels of 2008.

Here you can find my list of the ten best comics.

And here's my list of the ten best GNs.

When I wrote the lists, they were countdowns from 10 to 1, because that's what a ten best list should do in my opinion, create suspense as it leads up to what the author of the list thinks is the best of the year. But my editor didn't like it that way, so he changed the books around. That occasionally makes a couple of the paragraphs not make so much sense, so my apologies to you all for that. Plus, you click on the link and you automatically know my best book of the year, but oh well.

the rundown:

*I totally cheated on my comic list and put eleven books on, but it makes sense why two books share my number ten spot
*I also included a worst comic and two worst GNs on my lists
*DC and its various imprints have three books on my GN list (including the best GN of 2008) and six on my comic list
*Marvel had only one book on either list, and it was from an imprint, not the proper Marvel universe
*Drawn and Quarterly had three on my GN list as well, and Top Shelf two
*Indie books also get three of my comic spots, including the number one position
*Brian Wood has three books on my GN and comic list combined, clearly making him one of my favorite creators of 2008
*Two books on my comic list are written and drawn by the same person, whereas six of my GNs are

Read 'em and give me feedback.