Thursday, January 22, 2009

CBR Review: The Brave and the Bold #21

I recently reviewed The Brave and the Bold #21 for CBR and, in the process, wrote the following sentences: "Is it fair to judge a comic by what’s on the cover like I am? Well, when the sole reason for this particular title existing is to offer readers a new team-up in each issue and which characters are teaming up may draw in new readers wanting to see two specific characters have an adventure together, then, yes, it is fair. It’s entirely fair and, as a result, this comic is a lie. No doubt there are people who picked up this book because they’re a fan of team-ups between Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen, two characters with a long history of working together and, thus, having a certain fan following as a pair. That doesn’t happen here and readers would be right to be upset over that."

You can read the rest HERE!