Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Best of 2008: Me and Writing about Comics Online

I just wanted to do a quick, short post recognising that this year has been pretty great regarding me and writing about comics. I did a lot of stuff here as well as began the year (well, in February) by starting The Splash Page weekly column with Tim Callahan*. Tim is more known and regarded than I am and could have chose a lot of different people to do a column with, and I appreciate that he picked me. Then, later in the year, the man came through again in a bigger way by getting me a reviewing gig over at Comic Book Resources. I thanked Tim in private, but wanted to do so again here--and to just recognise that this year has been pretty decent for me writing about comics online. Not a big thing in the larger scope of things, but worth noting. (As well, on a personal note, 2008 was rather decent with me completing a novel and my Master's, and meeting a fantastic woman named Michelle who I'm crazy about--and who happens to be crazy about me for reasons beyond my understanding.)

(*The site that hosts the column is/was switching servers, which is why it's been down. Tim and I planned/plan to do a year-end column and cross-post it on our blogs like we did for our columns on Secret Invasion #8 and Final Crisis #5, but just haven't gotten around to writing it yet. Come on, it's been the holidays and we've had things to do...)