Sunday, December 07, 2008

Random Thoughts (Dec. 7 2008)

* The results of Greg Burgas's panels contest are in and I placed 14th out of 21 entries... ouch. I console myself with the knowledge that I was the only person to properly identify the page from Heroes Reborn: Masters of Evil #1 by Joe Casey and Charlie Adlard. Not surprising that I got it since I knew what it was at first glance, but no one else got it?

* Writing the advance review of Secret Invasion #8 was not nearly as fun as I hoped, because advance reviews are much more calculated and deliberate then regular reviews since the primary objective of discussing the comic is pushed aside a bit by the efforts to avoid spoilers--especially on a big book like this where spoilers is pretty much the substance of the comic. Talking about a comic in vagueries and hints isn't that fantastic, especially because I'm used to discussing comics in whatever way I choose here. Still, I did enjoy getting the chance to review that comic before everyone else. I almost wish I could have reviewed the "secret" "Dark Reign" solicitations... why didn't I think of that?

* Last night, I reread my essay on Marvel Boy after a discussion with Tim and it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I've been saying for a while that I need to rewrite it, but I don't think I do... unless I wanted to add new thoughts, of course. Talking with Tim, rereading that essay, and seeing that Noh-Varr apparently shows up in Dark Avengers, I'm partly convinced that in a few years, I'll wind up writing a long piece called "How Brian Michael Bendis Ruined Noh-Varr (And Why)."

* A quick explanation on why I think Hurt is Satan: it goes beyond "Batman R.I.P." for one thing. The entire run is peppered with Satan references (including the obvious Batman #666 story) that, when taken as a whole, almost suggest that Hurt not being Satan doesn't fit with the rest of the run. But, I'll probably get into that sometime in late December/early January when I do a long post on Morrison's second "year" on the book to go with my post on his first "year." It will probably be titled "Breaking a Better Batman" or something like that.

* Still considering what my next Joe Casey series of posts will be. The Last Defenders is sitting atop a stack of comics, begging to be reread (I never read all six issues in one sitting), so maybe that will be it.