Wednesday, December 03, 2008

CBR Review: New Avengers #47

I recently reviewed New Avengers #47 at CBR and, before I post my usual little snippet from the review, I've got to say something: that cover has nothing to do with the contents of the issue. Really, they couldn't actually try and match these Skrull takes on old covers with the content a little better? That's annoyed me quite a bit throughout this whole event, but this one really bugs me for some reason. Maybe it's because of what I write in my review, including sentences like: "A lot of the Secret Invasion tie-in issues of Mighty Avengers and New Avengers have felt really dragged out and hollow to me. They were, often, expansions of moments that didn’t warrant expanding or explanations of how a character was replaced by a Skrull, something which got old quickly. The best of the issues have provided genuine insight or emotional depth to the main book, like the issues explaining the creation of Nick Fury’s new Secret Warriors, or this issue, which focuses on Luke Cage’s family and how much it means to him."

You can read the rest HERE!