Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Thoughts (Dec. 29 2008)

* Go read Tom Spurgeon's interview with Tucker Stone. It's long, but it's damn good stuff. In fact, he may have referred to me as a lunatic with regards to my positive-leaning review of Secret Invasion #8 (which, if he is referring to me at that point, he's completely correct in doing so--it's the one review I've done for CBR that I would go back and change, because I fucked up). The interview focuses on Stone's thoughts on "mainstream" comics and it's all very smart and very interesting.

* Where are all of the hardcore Rann-Thanagar Holy War fans bitching that I gave the final issue half a star in my CBR review? What's "funny" is that I will totally be buying Strange Adventures despite it almost certainly being just as bad as Holy War... Does that seem odd? It shouldn't since Jim Starlin is like Joe Casey in that I will buy anything he writes--although, I should add that I'll buy any of his cosmic work--if only to think about it and relate to the rest of his work. I mean, comparing Holy War to any of his Marvel cosmic work would be amazing. Why exactly is he unable to make the DC stuff work, while, at Marvel, he writes brilliant stuff? I think it has to do with having some core characters at Marvel like Warlock and Thanos that make up the foundation of every story, and not having the same type of characters at DC, but there's got to be more to it. Also, Starlin is doing some of the art in Strange Adventures. That's enough in and of itself. (By the way, I noticed in Marvel's March solitics, the second "Marvel Masterworks" hardcover featuring Adam Warlock is coming out and it contains Starlin's amazing run on the "book" (as it was over several titles) and is something you should definitely think about buying. I have reprints of those comics and I'm considering it.)

* I'm looking forward to this week's comics.