Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's the big problem with comic book shops?

Go read a comment by Jimmy Palmiotti first, because that's what has me all a-twitter today.

You know where I go when I want to buy a CD? Any guesses? Anyone at all? It's pretty obvious.

I go to a music store.

And what do I do if I don't know where a music store is? Like, for instance, when I came to Windsor, I didn't know where a music store within walking distance (maybe an hour or so's distance) was. What did I do?

I asked some friends and checked the goddamn Yellow Pages.

Comic book stores aren't the problem. Speciality stores are good. I know, I know, in this age of Wal-Mart selling every goddamn thing under the sun, that just seems stupid, but it's the truth.

Now, should comics be available in as many places as possible? Sure, that would probably make sense and do some good business. It would also be convenient if I could pick up he new Ryan Adams album at the corner store, but you don't see me whining about having to go to a music store to get it.

I'm sick of this "Oh, how will people know to go to comic shops?" attitude. If they aren't complete fucking morons, they'll figure it out.

Of course, that always leads to the whole "Well, they may not want to go into a place covered with posters and toys and shit." The music store I go to is covered in posters and vinyl album covers and anything else related to music they can think to stick up. Oh, and Simpsons toys. And it's a great store. If people are THAT turned off by posters and shit, how long do you think they'll be buying comics anyway? (Now, I also recognise that some stores aren't that friendly towards non-fanboyish buyers, but that's a different issue, I think--and speaks more towards someone not running a business right--which can happen with ANY store. I've been snobby-as-hell clothing stores, music stores and book stores. It's not just comics.)

It basically all stems back to this stupid, self-loathing, defeatist attitude comic readers have. It's the same attitude that had me ranting and raving on message boards when I'd see threads desperatately asking why everyone reads comics in a lame attempt to convince one another that it's okay.

It's sad, people.

Marketing needs to be improved, so does content--especially in the interest of diversification--and there are a lot of other problems with the current comic industry. But, the fact that comics have their own stores? I don't see the big deal.

Half the battle of convincing others that you're worth attention is acting like it.