Thursday, March 29, 2007

Comic Links-A-Go-Go

Because school has kept me busy the past couple of days, I have had little time to consider these "comic books" and what they mean or don't mean or whatever. Instead, here are the various places I go for comic-related stuff:

All the Rage (Updates Sundays)
Lying in the Gutters (updates Mondays)
Permanent Damage (updates Wednesdays)

The Comics Reporter

The Beat
Dick Hates Your Blog
Eddie Campbell
Joe Mathlete Explains Marmaduke
Elijah J Brubaker
Man of Action
Spencer Carnage's Of Course, Yeah
Tom Brevoort

Something Positive
Get Your War On
Lethargic Lad
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Captain Excelsior

And that's that. Anything I SHOULD be viewing, but am not? Oh, I also get Brian Wood's blog view my Livejournal account and don't feel like hunting down the proper link. But, yeah, he rocks. And I get Ellis' Bad Signal--again, am lazy, won't hunt it down for you.