Friday, March 09, 2007

Marc Silvestri's Art Looks Like Ass

Felt like buying some comics, so I talk a walk. No copies of Captain America #25, though. I don't care that much--I'll read it in a trade at some point--but figured I'd give it a look. Ah well.

Civil War: The Initiative and Mighty Avengers #1

Wow, Marc Silvestri's art looks like ass, doesn't it? It really fucking does. It is horrible.

The one-shot written by Bendis and Ellis isn't worth your time. I got it pretty much for the Ellis-ness and it was worthless.

Mighty Avengers #1, on the other hand, was a decent read. They fight against the Mole Man. Fun fun fun.

I enjoyed how Bendis interwove the fight and the choosing of the team members.

The thing that impressed me the most was bringing back the thought bubbles. I've been wanting someone to do that for the longest time and Bendis actually makes good use of them here. None of the old long-winded shit. He uses them in short, effective bursts.

I'm actually looking forward to the next issue, strangely enough.

The Authority #2

If you remember, the first issue of this book blew me away. And it turns out what I was expecting to happen in the story has: the Authority has crash-landed in our word and are stuck.

However, compared to the first issue, I was horribly underwhelmed. The first issue promised "the historic first meeting of man and superman" (or something like that) and, well, this was it?

There are some nice moments, like Jack and the Doctor picking up some Authority trades. Or the idea that they simply cannot exist in our world without causing massive problems.

Now, I'm just left waiting for Grant Morrison to appear . . .

newuniversal #4

Well, now we know the score. Nothing much else to say.

Detective Comics #828

So, this is the magical, wonderful Paul Dini people love, eh?

What a medoicre fucking comic.

A lame mystery with lame motives and a lame fight. The only redeeming quality being the use of the Riddler, but even that didn't do much for me.

Throw in some mediocre art and the whole mediocre package is complete. Too bad it's got a fantastic cover by Simone Bianchi.

Criminal #5

Holy shit.

Talk about bringing out the big guns. Jesus. This is Leo? This is Leo? Wow.

I've actually been a little wishy-washy about this series, buying it mostly because I dug Sleeper so much and had a little faith. After this issue, I'm on board completely.

I mean, holy shit.

More reviews coming sometime later. Probably tomorrow. I've still got Punisher: Born, Ashley Wood D'airan Adventures (or however it's spelled) plus yesterday, my shipment with DMZ: Body of a Journalist and the other Incal trade arrived. Rock and roll.