Monday, March 12, 2007

The Incal

I read Avant L'Incal (yeah, that's right, I'm feeling pretentious enough to use the original French--it means "Before the Incal," by the way--the sequel, Apres L'Incal--"After the Incal"--hasn't been released on English yet when it was serialised in issues by Humanoids because my dad bought it. I don't know why he never bought the collections DC released of the original Incal. So, I kind of understood what had gone before while reading The Incal: The Epic Conspiracy and The Incal: The Epic Journey, except only partly. I also remembered some stuff from The Metabarons.

That said, these two books are one fantastic read, people. A little antiquated in its ideas at times--I'm sure some women I know would just LOVE the fact that for half of the first book, one of the women walks around in nothing but a loin cloth--but I knew that going in. Jodorowsky has a certain mentality and once you accept it, you're golden.

The story is basically John Difool has to save the unoverse over and over and over again despite his selfish and cowardly nature. He is surrounded by people with more selflessness and courage and never changes. It's actually rather astonishing how little he changes throughout the story. At any given chance, he'll try to pack it up, steal some money and go home to a life of cheap drugs and hookers. The only reason why he sticks around is because of a woman.

What impressed me was how well this story meshed with Avant L'Incal since it was written after these books. Jodorwsky must have had the backstory very well plotted--or bluffed pretty damn well.

And what can I say about the art of Moebius? My favourite panel has to be in the second book where the Metabaron realises the woman he loves will always love Difool and never return his love. The sheer look of anger and frustration Moebius draws is perfect.

I'm a little wary of the ending, though. Not sure what to make of it.

I wish I had more to say, but you know me: if I like something, I tend to just say "Hey, I like it" and then shut up. If you see these books, check them out. Good stuff. And not quick reads, either. You get bang for your buck.