Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blogathon 2010 Archive Post

Here is a complete archive of the Blogathon 2010 posts:

Blogathon 01: Alright, Sunshine?
Blogathon 02: Hellblazer #11
Blogathon 03: Hellblazer #31, 35 & 84
Blogathon 04: Hellblazer #25-26, 56
Blogathon 05: Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits
Blogathon 06: Hellblazer: Bloodlines (Part One)
Blogathon 07: Hellblazer: Bloodlines (Part Two)
Blogathon 08: Hellblazer: Bloodlines (Part Three)
Blogathon 09: Hellblazer: Fear and Loathing (Part One)
Blogathon 10: Hellblazer: Fear and Loathing (Part Two)
Blogathon 11: Hellblazer: Tainted Love
Blogathon 12: Hellblazer: Damnation's Flame
Blogathon 13: Hellblazer: Rake at the Gates of Hell
Blogathon 14: Hellblazer: Heartland
Blogathon 15: Hellblazer #85-89
Blogathon 16: Hellblazer: Son of Man
Blogathon 17: Hellblazer: Haunted
Blogathon 18: Hellblazer: Setting Sun
Blogathon 19: Hellblazer: "Shoot" and Planetary #7
Blogathon 20: Hellblazer: Hard Time
Blogathon 21: Hellblazer: Good Intentions
Blogathon 22: Hellblazer: Freezes Over (Part One)
Blogathon 23: Hellblazer: Freezes Over (Part Two)
Blogathon 24: Hellblazer: Highwater (Part One)
Blogathon 25: Hellblazer: Highwater (Part Two)
Blogathon 26: Hellblazer: Highwater (Part Three)
Blogathon 27: Hellblazer: All His Engines
Blogathon 28: Hellblazer: Red Sepulchre
Blogathon 29: Hellblazer: Black Flowers (Part One)
Blogathon 30: Hellblazer: Black Flowers (Part Two)
Blogathon 31: Hellblazer: Staring at the Wall (Part One)
Blogathon 32: Hellblazer: Staring at the Wall (Part Two)
Blogathon 33: Hellblazer: Stations of the Cross (Part One)
Blogathon 34: Hellblazer: Stations of the Cross (Part Two)
Blogathon 35: Hellblazer: Stations of the Cross (Part Three)
Blogathon 36: Hellblazer: Reasons to be Cheerful (Part One)
Blogathon 37: Hellblazer: Reasons to be Cheerful (Part Two)
Blogathon 38: Hellblazer: The Gift (Part One)
Blogathon 39: Hellblazer: The Gift (Part Two)
Blogathon 40: Hellblazer: The Gift (Part Three)
Blogathon 41: Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy
Blogathon 42: Hellblazer: The Red Right Hand
Blogathon 43: Hellblazer #229
Blogathon 44: Hellblazer #245-246
Blogathon 45: Hellblazer #250
Blogathon 46: The Writers of Hellblazer
Blogathon 47: The Artists of Hellblazer
Blogathon 48: John Constantine
Blogathon 49: "Goodnight and God bless -- now fuck off to bed."


As I get further Hellblazer runs/stories, I plan to write about them and figured I'd use this an archive for that.

* Hellblazer: Joyride, The Laughing Magician, and The Roots of Coincidence