Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blogathon 49: "Goodnight and God bless -- now fuck off to bed."

And that's that. As I write this, I've been awake for over 24 hours, something I've done in the past, but never gets any easier. Not that it's that hard, it's just that... well, I'm tired. That probably showed for the last, oh, eight hours' worth of posts.

Like the last two times I did this, it was really a lot of fun. I didn't know how this one would go in comparison, but it was good. So far, $80 has been raised for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. If you donated because of this and didn't tell me, please do. As I have in the past, I'm leaving the window for donating open for the rest of the week. So, if you haven't donated, please do.

Thanks to those who have donated, those who commented, those who said encouraging words, or passed on links. That meant a lot to me and helped me push forward.

Hopefully, I'll do this again next year. It's always fun and a good way to raise some money for charity while doing something I really enjoy.

If you have never read Hellblazer, take my willingness to spend an entire day on it as a sign that, yeah, it's a great comic series. There isn't another ongoing like it where I openly say that I want every issue. There's usually a caveat of some kind. Not with this book.

I am very tired. Thank you again. I'm off to bed. The archive page for the blogathon will be posted later in the day.

[Don't forget to donate what you can to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! After you do, let me know via comment or e-mail (found at the righthand side) so I can keep track of donations -- and who to thank.]