Monday, August 15, 2011

Blogathon 21: Random Thoughts! Part Three

[Concluding my random thoughts on event books and other trends of the last decade of superhero comics.]

Random Thought! I recently reread all of the Splash Pages Tim and I wrote on Final Crisis. Remember when the general comics community loved Secret Invasion and thought Final Crisis was too hard to understand? Gee, who would have thought a few years later, they'd have the reputations they have now...

Random Thought! How cool would it have been if Secret Invasion ended with Noh-Varr killing the Skrull Queen and, then, stating that the beginning of Earth Year Zero starts now? That would have been a swerve I would have loved.

Random Thought! I wonder how people would have reacted if all of the modern heroes were the Skrulls and the '70s/'80s heroes that got off the Skrull ship were the real deals? "I've got your reboot right here!"

Random Thought! Are Annihilation and the books that followed events? Crossovers? What? Does it matter?

Random Thought! Siege still disappoints me...

Random Thought! We had three Bendis events this decade. And none of them really satisfied. He's much better at ongoing series where the ending feeds into something else. Events don't work as well that way.

Random Thought! I didn't read Blackest Night because it took two things I'm not a fan of, zombies and Geoff Johns, and made an event book out of them.

Random Thought! When event fatigue actually happens, companies will stop doing them.

Random Thought! Yes, Final Crisis was the best event of the decade.

Random Thought! Sorry for these being fairly half-assed. That's what happens around supper time.

In 30 minutes, I begin discussing The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

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