Monday, August 01, 2011

Blogathon 2011: Two Weeks Away

In two weeks, I'll be doing this year's Blogathon to raise money for the Hero Initiative. A Blogathon, in case you're unfamiliar with the concept, is blogging for charity by posting every 30 minutes for 24 hours. I will begin at 9am on Monday August 15 and go until 9am Tuesday August 16. If you wish to sponsor me, there are a variety of options:

* Direct donations to the Hero Initiative
* Purchasing products from their site, including annual memberships
* Purchasing products from their eBay store

So far, after announcing the Blogathon last week, $105 has been raised. That's amazing and I hope that keeps up as we approach the Blogathon itself.

This year, I will be discussing a variety of superhero comics from the past ten years in a variety of ways. I figured, in the lead up to the Blogathon, I would reveal a few of my topics/plans:

* as part of my series of posts looking at Joe Casey's work, I'll be doing an issue-by-issue look at Iron Man: The Inevitable #1-6.
* to fit with my series of posts applying Raymond Chandler's "Twelve Notes on the Mystery Story," I'll be looking at the New X-Men story "Murder at the Mansion."
* some Random Thoughts on the past decade's plethora of event books.
* Warren Ellis's 'superhuman trilogy' for Avatar Press: Black Summer, No Hero, and Supergod.

The posts that fit into past series of posts have a set format, but other ones, like the Ellis topic, will be freeform essays that should take up several posts with the time deadline dictating the break. It should be fun and challenging.

Please consider sponsoring me as the money goes to a great cause. If you do, either let me know via comment or via e-mail (chevett13[AT]yahoo[DOT]ca) so I can keep track of the amount of money raised.

Thank you