Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Sketch Reviews (November 3 2010)

No work this Wednesday or any other Wednesday... except for comics work. Hell yes.

Batman and Robin #16: And it all comes to an end. Satisfying and, yet, disappointing. Finales never live up to the expectations even when they're great. I don't know what I wanted... but this wasn't it. And this was very good. The art shifts did bother me a bit, if only because I wish Frazer Irving had done the whole thing -- his style is much more in tune with the feeling of the writing, I find. Again, the Stewart and Burnham art is great, it just doesn't feel as right as the Irving stuff. The Joker/Hurt stuff made me laugh. [****1/4]

The Boys #48: A rare Dark Knight Returns parody cover that works for me. A lot of smaller moments. Not a dynamic way to begin an arc, but definitely appropriate. Butcher lying to MM about Hughie was strange. The stuff with Black Noir was just funny. [***3/4]

DV8: Gods and Monsters #8: And this just kind of ended. Not sure what I think about the ending and revelation about who was behind it all. If anything, this feels very incomplete, like it's meant to set up something else and I don't see that something else coming any time soon. There's a poetic beauty in the way the world ends, but it's all very deus ex machina for the DV8 bunch. No, I don't think I liked this ending. Not for a self-contained mini like this. [**1/2]

Gødland Døgland #33: "Embrace the real adventure!" [****]