Tuesday, November 09, 2010

CBR Review: The Art of Jim Starlin: A Life in Words and Pictures

I recently reviewed The Art of Jim Starlin: A Life in Words and Pictures for CBR and, in the process, wrote the following sentences: "Dreadstar #2 is cover dated January 1983 and I was born at the end of that month. Jim Starlin made some of his most well known and well regarded comics before I was even born, but my dad read comics, so I grew up with them. I flipped through and studied his Dreadstar run so much that, when I recently sat down to read it all, it was like stepping into a half-forgotten memory, a mess of jumbled images out of order but nonetheless familiar. When it comes to comics, Starlin’s name is one that will always be one of the first I think of and, now, IDW has published a fantastic book showcasing his 40-year career through his art and through commentary that he provides. All of the well-known high points are represented, but so too are the forgotten or rare projects and pieces of art. It’s an art book that also serves as a brief autobiography and it’s a must read for Starlin fans. Hell, it’s a must read for comics fans."

You can read the rest HERE!