Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sketch Reviews (November 24 2010)

Impressions, first thoughts, whatever...

Batman: Odyssey #5: Okay, what the hell did I just read? I have never been as confused reading a comic before as I was reading this one. And, when I stop to think about it, it actually seems fairly simple, just told in the most insane, baffling way possible. That said, the art is fun and the idea that someone has been using Batman and crazy criminals to keep Bruce Wayne occupied and away from doing good... that's a fantastic idea. [**3/4]

Batwoman #0: A nice teaser for the series. JH Williams art is always worth seeing, though I'm not sold on Amy Reeder as the other artist on the book. She's competent, but nowhere in the same league. The way she draws people and hair reminds me of Howard Porter's art. We'll have to see if the writing of the series is enough to keep me on board for her issues. [***1/2]

Captain America #612: Butch Guice brought his a-game to this issue. Very energetic, dark art that provided mood and some cool action scenes. Brubaker's writing is back in top form, too. This seems like the arc that reminds everyone just how great this book can be. [****]

Scalped #43: The two Jasons deliver a strong done-in-one story about Sheriff Karnow. A sad little man that makes himself feel big by talking a big game and lying like crazy. Where he fits into the larger picture is still somewhat vague (if he does at all). LaTour's art is great. Thick lines, cartoony style that boils every image down to its essence. Very energetic. Great issue. [****1/4]

Secret Warriors #22: Nick Fury is a cold-blooded motherfucker. And damned if JT didn't deserve it. Alex was right way back when. "Night" moved the plot along quickly with nothing the same now as it was before the story began. I really enjoyed the little coda at the end. And Vitti with IFS on art? This how this comic is supposed to look. [***3/4]

Thor the Mighty Avenger #6: Finally, the payoff of Thor and Jane with a really great showdown between Thor and Heimdall. I like the different look of Heimdall here and that Chris Samnee didn't feel beholden to the standard version of the character. More than any issue, this one showed just how immature and in need of humility Thor is. Hopefully, from here, he begins to learn it... for two issues. [****]

Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #4: Okay, the opening sequence amused me. The revelation of the vampire in the Iron Man suit was... well, kind of dull, but his fight with Nerd Hulk was fantastic. I still never want to see anyone ink Steve Dillon whose name isn't Steve Dillon, though. Also, dug the bickering between the Stark brothers. An entertaining issue. [***1/4]