Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sketch Reviews (November 17 2010)

As always, brief, 'reviews' that are more first impressions and quick thoughts. Something to get the brain going a little.

Avengers #7: A somewhat weaker start to this storyline. The stuff with the Hood was solid and I liked the way he went about getting the second Infinity Gem. That said, this felt like a light read. I do love the visual gag of the Hood punching out the Red Hulk. [***1/4]

Batman, Inc. #1: A very entertaining read. Follows up on some ideas introduced in Batman: The Return nicely. Kind of reminds me Morrison's DC work before he took over Batman. The JLA Classified arc and some of the Seven Soldiers stuff. Yanick Paquette and Michel Lacombe on art? Damn good stuff. This was exactly what I hoped it would be. [****1/2]

The Boys: Highland Laddie #2: Not sure what to make of the final page, but the origin of Annie was interesting. McCrea can't sell some of the ideas well enough, though, I find. The cover does a much better job of the pageants, for example. Still, this is a pretty solid mini. [***]

Osborn #1: Wow, that Norah woman is annoying as hell. Is she normally written like that? 'Cute' and 'charming,' but really just obnoxious and overbearing? Some interesting ideas in this issue; the stuff at the end with this being part of a plan made me roll my eyes a little. The Ellis/McKelvie back-up strip was different from expected. Rios's art is a little hit or miss at times. Very expressive and energetic; but those same positives sometimes lead to rougher, not as polished work. Not sure if I'll get the next issue yet. Probably, but we'll see... [***1/4]

The X-Files/30 Days of Night #5: This issue lost me. I don't know how or why, but I just stopped caring part of the way through. But, as I've said before, I'm buying this series for Michelle, so my enjoyment is a secondary concern. [**]