Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quickie Reviews (August 11 2010)

Man, today's comics didn't excite me a lot ahead of time, but I enjoyed them. Nice when that happens.

Avengers: The Origin #5: Finally got a copy of this. "Finally" meaning... a week later. Oh how I suffered! I had to wait a week for a conclusion to a story that I... already know. Why my, lord? WHY ME? Anyway, this was... not entirely good. I love Casey's interpretations of the characters, but, by giving them more depth, he also makes the whole 'forming the Avengers' thing seem forced and contrived. When they got to that part, it seemed like he'd written a story where these characters should go off on their own, vowing to never see one another again, because this fiasco was such a pain in the ass -- instead, they decide to form a club. It's meant to be big and awe-inspiring, especially with the flashforwards to big Avengers moments, but it's so disjointed from what came before that it's like they spliced together two different stories. Maybe it will read better as a whole (something I don't plan on finding out until next year's blogathon). Phil Noto draws pretty pictures, but his figures can be very stilted. I think that adds to the disjointed conclusion in a way I can't quite articulate yet. Maybe come July/August 2010. [**1/2]

Daytripper #9: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Love the bulkier/more cartoony style used for young Bras by Moon. I think I understand. Maybe? I do love stories like this. The sort that makes you reflect upon yourself... yeah. I don't know what to say. [****1/2]

Superman #702: Of course, the problem is that there aren't any aliens or Supermen to create new jobs in Detroit... That's the problem with using the real world in your stories of hope, isn't it? They simply wind up reminding you that there isn't any really. There's just a kind of shitty comic that does the exact opposite of its goal. [*]

The Unwritten #16: I don't know about you, but Wilson Taylor's gambit got me jazzed up. You thought it was going one way and BAM! There is a new Tommy Taylor book and it's meant to make his son into Jesus. That's pretty fucked up right there. Interested to see where this series goes from here. Glad I stuck with it. [****]