Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CBR Review: Sparta, U.S.A. #6

I recently reviewed Sparta, U.S.A. #6 for CBR and, in the process, wrote the following sentences: "With Sparta under Nazi occupation on the orders of its founder/figurehead, the Maestro, former football hero Godfrey McLaine has created an underground resistance with the two forces engaging fully in this issue. Lapham plays upon the Sparta name to allude to the 300 Spartans that stood against the Persians (most comics fans will be familiar with Frank Miller’s rendition of that story), while also combining that with football and how the town’s obsession with the sport gives its citizens a stronger understanding of teamwork and strategy. The football element doesn’t land as strongly as it could, while the Spartan allusion seems more cute than anything else."

You can read the rest HERE!