Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CBR Review: Morning Glories #1

I recently reviewed Morning Glories #1 for CBR and, in the process, wrote the following sentences: "The issue kicks off with a bang by showing an escape attempt from the school. No explanation for what’s so wrong is given, but something clearly is if a group of students plot an escape by blowing up part of the school. Instead of teasing the point, Spencer gets it right out there: Morning Glory Academy isn’t what it seems. Though it appears to be a premier prep school that caters to only the best and the brightest, the reality is far different. How the image and reality both manage to exist is, perhaps, the most interesting question, since the school is successful in graduating top students that go on to Ivy League schools. That tension hangs over the issue as we’re introduced to six new students who have no idea what they’re getting themselves into (though we don’t entirely either)."

You can read the rest HERE!