Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Quickie Reviews (July 7 2010)

Busy day. New comics for Canada, but not for the US, so I'm going into a crazed reviewing spree to get as many 'advance' reviews as possible to Augie to stick up tonight. So, extra quick reviews this week, but I'm sure I'll discuss some (if not all of these) in more depth in the podcast this week with Tim.

Avengers: The Origin #4: Meh. This series hasn't engaged me in a way where I actually care really. Lovely art and Casey is trying his best, but there just isn't a lot here. [***]

Casanova #1: I like the colours. I really enjoyed the new story. I like Fraction's backmatter text. There isn't a long list of comics I'd buy again in singles. There's a reason why this book was my #1 book of the year two years in a row. Tim and I told you what we'd both rate it already. [*****]

Greek Street #13: This story is sort of blah, but there was a nice connection to the regular cast here. Dell'Edera's art didn't wow me as much here as it has in the past. I'm still intrigued about where this will be heading next issue. [***]

Scalped #39: That may be my favourite cover of the year. And we jump back into the regular cast with a new story. I like it a lot. It's Scalped. I can't wait to see what happens next. [****]

Scarlet #1: Not sure what I think. I want to see what the 'interactive' element of the narrative is. Alex Maleev doesn't quite nail the whole 'talking to the reader' thing since he can't actually make characters act... and you need a character to act in that sort of storytelling. The art is very goodlooking, of course. Just not as expressive as I'd like. I'm on board with this, though. I liked this issue quite a bit. [****]

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #1: Why did I think Steve Epting is drawing this? Whatever, Dale Eaglesham is pretty damn good, too. I like the plot here as it ties into Rogers's origin in a cool way. A nice tie-in to the regular Brubaker stuff with the character. [***1/2]

And now to the CBR reviews... of which I have many to write.