Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quickie Reviews (July 14 2010)

A smaller week than last week, thankfully. Some pretty decent comics, too.

Batman #701: I'm not sure what the point of this book is. I don't know what I wanted/expected out of these two issues that bridge the gap between "Batman RIP" and Final Crisis, especially since I didn't really see a gap that needed filling. Did anyone? I like Morrison's character work in humanising Bruce Wayne quite a bit after the events of "RIP," but, otherwise, this was a pretty mediocre comic that was the first of Morrison's run where I was left feeling like I could have saved myself three bucks. Then again, I'll get the next issue, because, who knows, it could blow my mind. Really disappointing from Morrison. [**1/2]

The Thanos Imperative #2: Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy are fucking hardcore, aren't they? They take down those evil Defenders without much effort before Thanos finishes the job since no one can die in that universe. Lots of big action that feels important. The art still isn't blowing me away because of the distance between the figures and the background, and the overbearing colouring. But, this is an enjoyable event book. [***1/2]

The Unwritten #15: Good issue. It's very busy, but watching Tom in action as he puts together the clues to meet his father was pretty cool. Very much a building issue where things begin to come together. The first page joke mocking Star Wars Episode I made me laugh. I'm glad I stuck with this book. [***1/2]

That's it for this week.