Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quickie Reviews (May 26 2010)

It's too damn hot and humid here. Makes writing a chore since all I want to do is fill the bathtub with cool water and sit there with a fan on and my slushy mug filled to the brim. Girlfriend being present is optional. But, comics are out and I ventured into the hell that is the Outside World to get them, so let's do this anyway...

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2: Better than the first issue. Frazer Irving as the artist is a nice callback to Klarion. The story is okay, but it still hasn't captured me completely. Bruce Wayne going from time to time is maybe interesting...? But, the little story here is entertaining enough along with some time travel talk and Bruce being a total dick. I liked it. [***1/2]

Detective Comics #865: The main story is weak. I didn't mind it as much last issue, but this one just went off the rails. All it makes me wish is that someone would just destroy Arkham and be done with it. I got this because I wanted the last part of the Question back-up feature -- why have every part except the final one? It was alright, but not sure how it works as a conclusion to the whole thing. Will have to read it all in one sitting. [**]

Secret Warriors #16: And so ends "Wake the Beast" and most of the action happens off-panel. Together with the final page of Secret Avengers #1, I'm wondering what's up. A solid issue, but the art is the weakest it's ever been with a fill-in. Underwhelming as a conclusion, I think, the final page notwithstanding. I'm disappointed, honestly. Some good moments that never really cohered for me... hmm... [***]

Thor #610: Best part of the issue: the add for Skaar, Son of Hulk that says that title is coming out in June 2008. Let it never be said that Marvel simply gives up on books it believes in... Actually, this Siege epilogue issue is pretty strong. Gillen continues with a lot of the plot points from before the event and the fall-out of it. Kelda and William get a moment (of sorts), while the fight between Thor and Ragnorak (aka Clor) is something people have wanted since Civil War. Throw in Doug Braithwaite on art and it's the best issue of Gillen's run to date. [****]

Thunderbolts #144: Figured I'd give this a look since it seemed interesting. It's all set-up and team-building, but does that well. Luke Cage is Luke Cage and Parker really pushes the idea of this being a longstanding program that works at rehabilitating supervillains with former members showing up quite a bit. Not sure about all of the members or the reasons for them being on the team (most of them seem to be there despite Cage's wishes, which makes the whole thing come off as somewhat laughable). Kev Walker is an artist who I've always liked and he's pushed himself in a different direction here. I prefer his dark, sharp-edged stuff, but this cartoony, sharp-edged stuff is good, too. Haven't decided about the next issue yet, but I'm leaning towards giving it a look. [***]