Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quickie Reviews (May 12 2010)

If you've ever wondered what my desk set-up is like, wonder no more as I sent in some pics of my trades on shelves and my desk to Robot 6's Shelf Porn. As you can see, space is a little limited, but I dig it still. Also, a cluttered desk is a useful desk. Onto the reviews...

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1: Enjoyable, decent start. I'm less enthralled by the 'Bruce Wayne dresses up like Batman in different time periods' concept, but it worked fairly well here. Chris Sprouse and Karl Story is an art team I always have time for. [***1/2]

Daytripper #6: Man, the craft on this series is just so high. Minimalist writing, lush, gorgeous art... what more can you ask for? [****]

Greek Street #11: The second arc concludes and I'm really enjoying this book. Sticking with it has apparently helped. Eddie by the end is in a different place, same with Dedalus. Menon... well, sucks to be him. Not sure that this is as brilliant as you'd hope, but it's definitely interesting. Not sure where it's heading now. [***1/2]

The Sentry: Fallen Sun #1: I wasn't sure if I'd get this, but I have the rest of the Sentry stuff written by Paul Jenkins, so why not the issue with his funeral/memorial service? Except it's more some superheroes stand around and talk and... it doesn't work. It's the sort of awkward, not-at-all-meaningful talk you'd expect and that's brutal to read. Since the Sentry wasn't too connected to any of these characters recently, their words rang a little hollow. I was left wondering why the Sentry didn't go to Reed Richards instead of Norman Osborn during "Dark Reign." Why did he so easily turn his back on his friends? Tom Raney can do action, but he was ill-suited for this issue. His tortured, overly rendered faces just make the whole thing come off as even more comical and stupid than it is. [*]

Now, back to the longer reviews...