Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Splash Page Solocast Episode 1.Tim

Since I am out of town this weekend, Tim and I couldn't get together online for podcasting action. Instead, we each recorded a separate (what we like to call -- if someone hasn't already called them this) solocast. Tim's is up and... I haven't listened to it yet. I just woke up and had an e-mail in my inbox saying it was up. And I wanted to share that with you all. Tim says he discusses some comics stuff and no wrestling. That's lame. His solocast is also about 35 minutes or so. This after he e-mails me last night and is all "I don't know what to talk about!" and, then, ignored my suggestions. Bastard. Mine will go up tomorrow. It's a little shorter and it does involve wrestling.

You can download and listen to the Splash Page Solocast Episode 1.Tim HERE!

(And, yes, I know I'm the only one who will be amused by my referring to them as 'episode 1.Tim' and 'episode 1.Chad' but I don't care!)