Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quickie Reviews (Apr 21 2010)

Yeah, I should really change the name of these posts to Quickie Responses since these aren't reviews really. Just reactions, responses, random thoughts... whatever.

Gravel #18: If you've never read an issue of Gravel before, this is the issue for you as Ellis and Wolfer recap every Gravel story from Strange Kiss right up to the present in a series of three-panel pages with some slightly obtuse, suggestive narration as Gravel lays down the law to the new Minor Seven (of which there are only five). A fine issue, nice to see Wolfer doing some of the older stories in three panels like that. [***1/2]

Joe the Barbarian #4: Man, this issue just couldn't hold my attention. My mind kept wandering to what I was going to do after reading my comics and what's going on today and... some ideas and pieces of dialogue jumped out at me -- and the art is lovely as always, but... something just isn't clicking with me. I'll think on this and maybe say more when talking to Tim this week. [***]

Ultimate Comics Avengers #6: Anyone else getting flashbacks to The Authority #20 when they faced the evil Doctor? Horrible bastard with powers to bend reality... fucks with the good guys (who are bastards somewhat) instead of just killing them only to be undone by their overconfidence. Not as wonky an ending as that Authority issue, but still a little off. The stuff with the Red Skull in the hospital was so out of place that it came off as cliched and cheesy rather than heartfelt, while Nick Fury at the end was somewhat interesting. An enjoyable action comic and satisfying conclusion, but not exactly brilliant. Pacheco's art was serviceable with some pages/panels looking better than others. [***]

See, not a proper review in the house...