Friday, July 17, 2009

I Bought Comics: July 15, 2009

[Last week was fun, wasn't it? I'm not sure this week will be just as fun, sadly. But, let's see, shall we? As always, these aren't reviews, just whatever thoughts and feelings come up.]

Incognito #5

This book has gotten stronger as it's progressed. Sean Phillips is better than everyone else, basically. This paper is really nice.

Rasl #5

I need to reread the first four issues, because something's not lining up for me. Odd to see Jeff Smith do a sex scene -- and odder that he felt the need to make sure we see absolutely no nudity. I'm not saying throw it in there for the sake of it, but when you're carrying a 'mature readers' label and were going to have the scene there already, it's distracting to go to the effort of covering things up. Unless he's making a point of doing it here to show that when he has a sex scene, it's not just an excuse for nipples.

Scalped #30

Damn good. Damn damn damn good.

Young Liars #17

"IT'S TOO LATE IT'S TOO LATE IT'S TOO LATE IT'S TOO LATE IT'S TOO LATE!" The words run through my mind like that. It is too late. Another stellar issue. I can't wait to see how it ends.