Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Best of 2009: Halfway Mark Rankings

Since we're halfway through the year, I want to give a look at where my top ten list for this year is. I did the same thing last year and the list changed quite a bit by the end of year, so who knows what will happen with this one. As well, this year, I'm adding an extra short list of books that seem like good contenders to crack the top ten, but haven't yet for whatever reason -- mostly for a lack of issues.

Halfway Mark Top Ten of 2009

1. Young Liars: No surprise here.
2. Scalped: Again, no surprise.
3. Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye: Some damn fine writing by Morrison and damn fine art by Stewart.
4. The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone: I really enjoyed this when I read the advance .pdf. It should be out in the next month or two.
5. Captain Britain and MI:13: "Vampire State" has been extremely strong.
6. Godland: The regular schedule really helps this book.
7. Secret Warriors: Jonathan Hickman is writing the hell out of this book.
8. Captain America: We'll see what Brubaker does with the resurrection of Steve Rogers, but this year has been a bit weaker in general so far.
9. The Boys: Another weaker year with "We Gotta Go Now" dragging out a bit much, but it ended very well and the latest arc kicked off with a bang.
10. Ghost Rider: Basically, the three Tony Moore issues put this series here.

Contenders/Books to Watch

Batman & Robin: Only one issue released as of the end of June, but a very strong one. The most likely book to jump into the top ten -- and in a high spot probably.

Unwritten: Again, a victim of lack of issues. This book shows a lot of promise and may take Young Liars's spot as far as Vertigo love goes.

Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance and Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape: Only two issues of each, but both are rather good. Escape needs to show that it can provide a compelling narrative by the end, while Dance may get sunk by shit art.

Gravel: A solid 3.5 stars book that seems poised to take that leap above its current level.

Irredeemable: The first three issues have been strong and Waid's comments suggest that it will only get better.

That's where we are at the halfway mark. Bring on the second half of 2009.