Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Splash Page 3: Amazing Spider-Man #549-551

This week's edition of the Splash Page, the column I do with Tim Callahan is up. I think our discussion is pretty good this week, but I am a little bothered that a lot of my side relied on instinct rather than specific points. Although, instinct is a large part of liking/disliking works of art, I find--and I've learned to trust mine since I have an amazing ability to pick out quality randomly. *shrugs*


Go read the column. Next week, we're changing things up a little with a more general discussion of what we're digging and hating right now. If you ever wanted to read a column where two guys agree 90% of the time and have no opinion the other 10% because they haven't read the book in question, that column will be for you. Heh.

Regular Saturday post later.