Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm excited about the Last Defenders

Ever since The Last Defenders was announced, a lot of promo press has been popping up at Newsarama and, I've got to say, it's getting me rather excited about the book. Take, for instance, today's mini-interview with Joe Casey--the way he describes Nighthawk's character and the thrust of the story has got me wanting this book right now. Of course, I'm not exactly the hardest sell when it comes to Casey stuff, but all of the work he's putting into promoting the book is really paying off... with me. Check out that little story and then check out some of the other interviews (links to which are at the end of today's piece over at Newsarama).

Hadn't mentioned the book yet and figured I would. Normally, I'm not that excited about Joe Casey's new stuff. I really enjoy it, but I tend to take his writing (and that of people like Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis) for granted. When the quality is consistently high, it's hard to get excited about every book. Here, though, I'm excited. Weird.

My regular Tuesday post will be up later.