Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Joe Casey Comics: Cable #63

[Continuing my look at Joe Casey's run on Cable. New posts Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.]

Ladies and gentlemen... Stephen Platt on art. I could probably find worse art, but I'm too lazy to pick on Platt that much today. His art is horrible and I dread the fact that, soon, a copy of Cable/Wolverine: Guts 'n' Glory will arrive with his art (and Casey's writing).

Thankfully, Platt provides art for a mostly throwaway issue that's part two of a three-part crossover with X-Man and involves the return of Stryfe. That's right, a story where three Cables get together and mix it up. Pity Joe Casey, people.

The first bit of this issue has Cable show up at Babels and have a little talk with Stacey. For some reason, he comes straight from the SHIELD helicarrier still wearing his blue prisoner jumpsuit and his eye shooting out an insane amount of energy for no fucking reason. They have a nice little talk where she's a little freaked, but very understanding and it's made clear that these two are going to have sex in the near future. Of course, Platt's Stacey vaguely resembles Ladronn's... same with Platt's Irene who has been offered a gig with the Daily Bugle.

And then it's the whole Stryfe story, which I'm going to avoid because it doesn't matter. At all.

A mostly worthless issue that is the lowest point of Casey's run--with the only upshot being that the crappy fill-in art was used for a crappy crossover issue. Combining evils is always nice.

Next issue is one of the best of the run, so that's going to be fun.