Friday, February 01, 2008

Chad's Jackass Comic Creator Interviews from 2001: Doselle Young

[Another in my series of amateurish interviews I did with various comic creators back in 2001. Oh, was I ever so young that I thought that some of these questions were appropriate? Goddamn. As always, the interview has not been edited since it was originally posted online in 2001 and it includes the intro I wrote for it then. New posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday.]

Interview With . . . Doselle Young!
This guy is a fucking great writer. He writes books for smart people by a smart person. You can’t go in expecting the story to be spoon fed to you. You have to read the issue numerous times. You have to think for yourself a bit.
So naturally, the general audience hates what he writes. But I don’t. It is great. Doe challenges me, and many others, to bring something with me to the comic shop: my brain. Only a few writers do that these days.
Doe also gets involved with his fans with his monthly chats on the Monarchy boards. And his wife Janine is always there (yes, fanboys, he‘s found a woman who is actually into comics! That is so cool!) =, talking to the fans and torturing us with a few comments every once in awhile about how good the next issue is. A month or two ahead of time.
This is the new generation of comics. Thanks, Doe.

Me: Tell us a little about yourself.

Young: Honestly, the older I get, the more absurd it seems to try and encapsulate who I am in a brief, witty piece of prose. I was born in a suburb of Los Angeles that was settled by African-American soldiers after World War 2. After that, the neighbourhood became a magnet for rural folk seeking to re-invent themselves in Los Angeles. How does that impact who I am and what I write? That's a good question I suppose. Finding a substantial answer is likely going to take a lifetime.

Me: How did you get involved in writing?

Young: I broke in with a crowbar and a smile. But seriously, I've been writing quite a while. Since I was a kid, truthfully. Always. I was also drawing and designing toys for myself, gadgets, Rube Goldbergs and such. Making things out of other things has always been an obsession. If you're asking about writing on the professional level, see my first answer.

Me: What have you written?

Young: Stories I've written have appeared in Gangland 1, Hearthrobs 2, Strange Adventures 3, and Superman 80 Page Giant 2000. Complete comics include Wonder Woman Annual 99, Wonder Woman 154 and 155, Authority 21, and Monarchy.

Me: How did you get the Monarchy gig?

Young: I have pictures of key people at Wildstorm in compromising positions.

Me: Do you ever see some people finding meaning in the book that you didn't even mean to put there?

Young: No. What have you been smoking? Everything is there on purpose. And if it wasn't, no artist in his or her right mind would tell you anything different. This is ART we're talking about, remember? It’s about the interaction between the artist, the work and the audience.

Me: You do have a plan with Monarchy, don't you?

Young: Yeah. I do. I think too many comics spoon feed readers information like its been scraped from the bottom of a pail of gruel. I'm not into that. Never will be. I have a plan. If anyone wants to know what it is: READ THE BOOK. Nuff said.

Me: Boxers or briefs?

Young: Neither. Ever. Deal with it.

Me: Cats or dogs?

Young: If you're asking my preference, it depends. I'll eat anything if I'm starving. I have a cat, if you're asking about pets, not meat.

Me: Summer or winter?

Young: It's all good in Southern California. Why anyone would live anywhere else is beyond my understanding.

Me: Got any cool stories about a chick?

Young: Hell yeah! Plenty. Thing is: I AIN'T telling you. All apologies, but I don't even KNOW your punk ass.

Me: I just gave you a case full of 100 untraceable bullets, who or what do you use them on?

Young: Brian Azzarello. Heheh. That way, I can do something with Eduardo Risso instead.

Me: Favourite writers?

Young: Whoever writes the blurbs in T.V. Guide really blows my mind. That guy is AWESOME. Seriously though, there are so very many creative minds wandering the planet, to state a preference for a select few would take more time than I'll likely find in my life. There's inspiration and insight available at every turn. That's how I see it anyway. No need to wear those like some sort of badge...

Me: Who is your hero?

Young: My mother.

Me: What comic do you really want to write?

Young: Green Lantern is the only existing character that I'd be interested in writing without starting from scratch. I have a ton of new characters and concepts that I plan to play with. Pre-existing universes come with too many preconceptions, constraints and bother.

Me: What artists do you really want to work with?

Young: Dean Ormston (Again). Warren Pleece (again). Frank Quitely (again). Garry Leach (always). Mark Buckingham. Steve Rude. Goran Sudzka. Eduardo Risso. Duncan Fregredo. Mike Lark. Richard Case. Kelly Jones. Sean Phillips.

Me: How long does it take for you to write a Monarchy script, as it's been said online that you go over it numerous times to get it just right?

Young: As long as it takes. People online talk about things sometimes as if they have more information than they really do. Don't believe the hype, boyyeeeee!

Me: How cool is it to have your wife be so involved with the comic?

Young: You tell me.

Me: I've heard that you're a minister. What sect?

Young: U.L.C.

Me: Who do you love?

Young: My wife. My family and friends. Same as everybody else, I suppose.

Me: Any final words?

Young: Yeah. I have a few, but likely too many to place on the page at this very moment. I'll simply say that there are more things in heaven and earth than are spoken of on the Internet.