Friday, October 30, 2009

Rated R Reviews: Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #2

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #2: This comic is very fucking bad. You all know that I'm not one to keep buying a piece of shit comic, but I will with this one, because I'm curious to see how this plays out. A retelling of the Spider-Clone Saga in six issues... if three years was too fucking long, six issues is too fucking short. I pity anyone who doesn't know the original story, because this is that story on fast forward with no explanations. What's that, Ben Reilly is in a whole new costume all of a sudden and has new web-themed weapons? Okay! Kaine has apparently been attacking Peter and Ben frequently? If you say so, Mr Writers!

What I can't figure out is, why publish this? Not the project itself, I can see the appeal there (mostly because it's that very appeal that has me plunking down $24 to read the whole thing), but why publish this if you're not going to do a good job? What is the point of "Doing the Spider-Clone Saga right, as it was originally intended" if you're going to rush through it and deliver nothing but the highlights? That's not the story 'done right,' that's a goddamn illustrated summary. I guess they figure the only people buying this will know the story already and be able to fill in the blanks and have it all make sense -- and we can. But, really, this is a bad comic. Worse than the first issue.

I should just drop this shit now.