Friday, October 30, 2009

A Couple of Things

1. One year ago today, my first review went up at CBR. One year, 254 reviews... Definitely the best gig I've ever had -- even when the words wouldn't come. I'll try and get another stats post up sometime in the next few days (mostly for myself) and maybe grab a few links of my favourite reviews (of which there are, like, four -- I'm my own harshest critic).

2. Today, I begin another gig as one half of 411Mania's wrestling column, High Road/Low Road. I'm joining the column as a replacement for the guy who wrote the Low Road half of the column and got the gig by auditioning along with others -- basically, Sat (the High Road writer) did his part of the column and anyone who wanted could do the other half and he'd choose the best one to be the new co-writer. The column takes one issue each week and has the two of us argue for and against it. As the Low Road writer, I will argue against things week in, week out, playing to my strenths rather well, don't you think? The first one went up today as Sat and I discuss TNA's World Elite faction. (Ironically, this is an area I wasn't that strong in -- I follow TNA, but not too closely and only beginning sometime during the summer, so there are still people I'm not too familiar with like much of the World Elite.)