Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rated R Reviews: Anna Mercury 2 #2

Anna Mercury 2 #2: I have no desire to fuck Anna Mercury. Why do I feel the need to tell you that? Where did I go wrong in my life where I find myself feeling the urge to proclaim online that I don't want to have sex with a comic book character? But when a comic has this cover, you feel the need to declare your intentions not to come up with a manner to enter the fictional universe she inhabits with the goal of sweaty sex:

I feel the need to declare this, because this cover has very little to do with what happens in the comic. Say what you will about Avatar, but their covers are shit more often than not. And the cool covers, like those warning sign Doktor Sleepless ones? Cost more. Fuck off with that bullshit. Give me a decent cover that isn't just a fucking pin-up, dammit. I'm kind of surprised about that since, usually, Ellis is somewhat involved with the cover designs of his books, usually eschewing the shitty pin-up look if he can -- unless that's the point.

Then again, is the comic entirely divorced from the cover when it stars another Ellis action star female lead that some speculate on regarding his preference for women of that sort but I won't (I'll merely suggest that others speculate since that does the job while leaving me some factor of deniability -- totally the coward's way out)... I find Anna Mercury grating and annoying in this issue when she just won't shut up about having a ray gun. She travels to satellite planets and saves them on a semi-regular basis but goes gaga over a ray gun? Ray guns are cool and all, but they're not babble on like a moron every third panel cool.

The best part of this issue is Facundo Percio's depiction of Anna after she escapes her captors -- the crazed look in her eyes is fantastic. He nails that, telling us more about her state of mind than anything else in the issue. Also, Ellis is always good at coming up with different cultures and highlighting how they think differently from us.

The end: vikings. Yawn. I hate this age of awesome we live in. Total bullshit.