Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blogathon 41: Recommending Comics to Others

And now we hit the point where two people did not agree to a topic and/or turn in a post. So, now I panic, and start stealing other topics people offered (hopefully they won't mind). This one was on Tim Callahan's list...

I tend not to recommend comics to others specifically unless asked. I've had people ask me what they might like, especially when it comes to Joe Casey's output. They'll say they enjoyed, for example Wildcats Version 3.0 and wonder what else they'd like by him. People will ask about the stuff I know about or have mentioned reading. This past summer, someone saw that I had gotten Heavy Liquid and 100% by Paul Pope and asked which one they should read. I'll answer direct questions like that.

The only other way that I recommend comics is through what I write about them in a general sense. I've had a surprising number of people say they really do follow what I say. If I say something is great, they'll give it a shot. That's extremely flattering -- but also pure chance. They just happened to have found someone who shares their opinion more often than not. That's not exactly something I should be thrilled about. But, I am flattered, because it seems like a validation of what I think. I want to say that it's more than a shared opinion -- that I'm someone who's trusted to know what's good and what's not. That's a little absurd to me, because I know how specific my tastes can be. There are some things that I know I like that most people won't.

I never go out of my way to recommend comics. It's not my place. If someone wants a recommendation, they'll ask or just take it from my general writing. I never feel the need to really champion comics, to get people to pick up specific things. The closest you'll get to that is me simply praising a book a lot. I make my feelings clear and let other people decide what to do with the information. What else can you do?

One person I never recommend any comics to is my wife. She's read some X-Files comics and that's about it. And that's only because she loves the X-Files. Comics are my thing and she's shown little interest. I prefer it that way. I like having these to myself. We share a lot of TV and movies, so something that's just mine is nice.

All of that said, if you haven't already, go get One Trick Rip-Off and Rare Cuts by Paul Pope. New hardcover from Image Comics.

In 30 minutes... something else.

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