Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blogathon 31: Uncanny X-Force (Part 2)

Kaitlin makes a pretty decent argument for why Uncanny X-Force is good. I guess my problem is that not connecting to any of the characters, in particular, Psylocke, much of it is lost on me. But, I covered that. Now I will attempt to tell you what I like about Uncanny X-Force and, maybe, talk myself into buying the final two trades...

* I genuinely enjoy the way Rick Remender writes Deadpool. He's not funny, but he's unhinged and tries to be funny. A character like Deadpool shouldn't be funny. He's too weird for that. Remender gets that.

* Evan was raised to be Superman.

* The art. Sometimes. But, I also think that I've passed by the rough patch (aka "The Dark Angel Saga" book one).

* Wolverine talking to Psylocke about killing folks.

* The way it ties in with Secret Avengers.

* The Final Four Horsemen.

* The idea of returning to the Age of Apocalypse and how it led to that comic. I like that comic.

* Seriously, Jerome Opena and Dean White!

* I like Remender's ambition. He doesn't think small. He thinks big. And he tries to make the characters matter. He simply falls into the bad habit of telling us things matter.

* Okay, I liked the art in the "Otherworld" story... it was me!

* That there's an end point.

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