Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sketch Reviews (January 4 2012)

Every new year is the same as the old one at first. Except I reset the lists where I keep track of things for the year like what books I've read, what CDs and DVDs I've bought, and... well, that's it. That's what matters, right?

Action Comics #5: Well done, Grant Morrison. You turned Brainiac into a more boring version of Plex. And Superman into a more boring version of Noh-Varr. Hey, I wanted more Marvel Boy, didn't I? It's a shame it's been repurposed as a Superman comic. Now, if he starts writing swear words into Metropolis... [**3/4]

Animal Man #5: Steve Pugh returns for no reason other than he drew Animal Man once upon a time and... uh... nonetheless, I do enjoy the art on this book. Unlike anything else in superhero comics right now -- and Lemire is hitting the right beats and tone. [***3/4]

The Defenders #2: I miss The Intimates. The bottom of those comic pages had ambition, son. An interesting issue, not quite cohesive or entertaining enough yet. Not crazy enough. [***1/2]

Fatale #1: I love the way Phillips draws Jo's face. It's different from his usual women. Not a knock you on your ass first issue, but intriguing. I'll stick with Brubaker and Phillips forever most likely. [***2/3]

OMAC #5: I don't know which I liked more: Frankenstein kicking the shit out of OMAC or Father Time trash-talking Maxwell Lord. [****]

Stormwatch #5: Goddamn, that last page has me getting off this particular train. I gave it five issues and it was almost there a couple of times... but, fuck it, I don't care. I'll just reread the Ellis stuff. [dropped]

Uncanny X-Men #4: The ending was a bit obvious from the getgo with the middle not inherently compelling enough to keep my interest. The tie-in to Sinister had me hoping that this would be something more than a one-off where we're supposed to care that Hugh dies at the end. [*3/4]

Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega #1: I like Brian Wood's Quentin Quire. Not sure if it's my Quentine Quire, but he's entertaining -- more so than the one we've seen Jason Aaron write so far. Then again, hitting the right tone for that character is tough. Not many people could do it. I think Fraction could if he tried. Joe Casey could without trying. Wood is making a go of it. Not sold on the premise entirely yet and a little disappointed with how restrained the Boschi/Brown art is. Between this and Huat's work on Annihilators, I'm wondering where my Ghost Rider boys are at these days... [***]